Heidi (1998)

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I became an ambassador for Coffee Cup Software before my page was even on the web. I help promote Coffee Cup Software and attempt to help people to make their web pages better. My page is still growing, and I am still learning myself....

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Paul Castoe returned as construction manager once again, and I returned as effects supervisor. In this production, a large mountain was built at the rear of the stage. I was able to set up my systems behind this mountain. My controller was used yet again to operate solenoids connected to some "growing flowers" - these were flowers that had to pop up during one scene. I also built a special squezze box that was designed to fly apart when dropped. I built two of them (one was real the other was the break aprt version). I was also asked to come up with a way to make a cookcoo clock operate on the stage. This was accomplised using a unique