Babes in Toyland (1997)

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In this production, I once again assisted in the building of the set. Paul Castoe returned once again as construction manager. The main piece I worked on was the "machine" - this was the device that created the toy soldiers. The machine never moved during the show (it was at the very rear of the stage). It was quite large - mostly built from 3/4" plywood and 2x4's (available materials), the machine stood some sixteen feet tall by twenty feet wide. It was so large in fact, that I set up the control center to operate the various effects inside. Sections of the box were built with giant hinged doors that opened downward. Inside of these openings a second false panel was added with all sorts of wiring and old computer components. When the doors were open, the machine looked damaged and broken. The doors were held shot with a steel pin through eyelets. The pin was connected to a solenoid to allow an electrical release. A sign was also placed on top of the machine connected by a pivot on one end and release on the other. This would allow the sign to collapse during the mock breakdown of the machine. I also added various tubes connected to a smoke machine. In order to nake the illusion complete, I added three leaf blowers at various points near the top. The blower tubes were filled with packing peanuts before the show. All of the release solenoids were connected to a portion of my flash pot controller and could be activated at will. This part of the show had a great look as the machine broke apart, the pieces flew, smoke came out, and as a finale the sign collapsed. I also edited various sound effects for the machine and activated them using a laptop