Cinderella (1994)

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With this play, Guild once again had a new director, his name was Matt and he was from California. I was brought in once again by the Guild to provide special effects and technical assistance. Paul was back as well to aid in the construction of the set. In this play, we used a small horse to pull Cinderella's carriage. Using rechargeable batteries, I was able to add lights to the inside of the carriage. I also built a very cool "clock tower". The tower was built from lightweight wood and core paper. It Stood about 10 feet tall, and had a giant clock face with very large hands. A light was added to the clock as well. In the back of the clock, I had added a stepper motor and controller, so that the hands could be turned to slowly reach midnight. The entire clock was controlled using my flash pot controller. I also provided sound effects for this play.

The transformation of Cinderella was accomplished with a double. Just before Cinderella was to transform, we swapped her with one of the other actors. This actress stood on the stage while the Fairy Godmother waved her wand, etc. - at the same time, Cinderella changed into her other outfit, and made her way to the back of the stage. Smoke billowed from a smoke machine, and the two actors switched positions - a simple yet very effective transformation.