Peter Pan (1993)

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Bill Gathergood returned for his final year as guest director for Pleasure Guild. Bill ended up with the role of "Hook" himself.

In this years play, we had quite a number of interesting special effects. This was the first play I had worked with that had "flying" in it. This was left to the professionals at FOY (the flying people). Paul Castoe (who was one of the pirates) was quite and artist and cabinet maker. Paul assisted in building the set (including a 24 foot boat!).

My main job in this play was to help in the construction of various set pieces for use in the play and various special effects. I brought in my friends Brad & Mitch once again to help with some aspects of the play. Brad built a giant Crocadile puppet out of foam...this puppet (also operated by Brad) would come out of the orchestra pit at the proper time...very cool. The other effect I worked on was Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell consisted of a 10mw helium-neon laser that I had built for the show. The laser was mounted on a tripod for precise positioning on the stage. In order to be able to allow Tink to land at various places, we incorporated a set of red blinking christmas lights placed at various locations and operated via remote control. I also built a "hand held" version of Tink (This allowed the actor to actually hold Tinkerbell. This was rather large to conceal, but the actors pulled it off. During the course of the play, tinkerbell had to land on a glass and drink poison. The "poison" was water mixed with xxxx in the glass was also some water mixed with xxx. Hook poured the otherwise colorless liquids together and they instantly changed colors. The glass on the table was rigged with a valve to release the drink, so Tinkerbell could empty the glass. This unit was battery operated via remote control. My crew and I were linked via radio to allow me to pass on cues (Brad was operating Tinkerbell from the spotlight booth. A funny thing happened during the practice performance. Megan xxx , who played a giant Kangaroo, could not see out of her costume very well...as she walked across the stage, she walked right into the orchestra pit! In order to prevent this from happening again, we fitted her with a headset and she took direction from us.

Sad to note: Megan xxx was killed in a car accident on New Years Eve in 2004. She will be missed.