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I became an ambassador for Coffee Cup Software before my page was even on the web. I help promote Coffee Cup Software and attempt to help people to make their web pages better. My page is still growing, and I am still learning myself....

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My love for theater has connections with not only my performance as a magician, but my work behind the scenes in designing and building special effects, props, & setThis will lead you to my theater page pieces over the last 35 years. After high school, I started working with a local rock band providing lights and flash effects (pyrotechnics). Later, my drama teacher, Bill Gathergood contacted me about using pyrotechnics in a production of The Wizard of Oz. In addition to that, I worked with a local chapter of the Jaycee's in designing and building their haunted house. In 1991 Bill Gathergood contacted me yet again to reprise my roll as the "pyrotechnician" for a production of "The Wizard of Oz" once again - only this time it was in The Palace Theater in downtown Columbus. Bill was working for a local fund raising group known as "Pleasure Guild of Children's Hospital". They put on a play every year as their main fund raiser. I have been working with them ever since providing everything from props and special set pieces, to sounds and other special effects. This section of my site will showcase many of the things that have been created over the years...

First a little history...

Just after high school, my old drama teacher, Bill Gathergood contacted me about helping with a show at the high school (actually I was never a student of Bill's, but had worked with his clown group as a magician and later in my high schools talent shows). My magical background had lead me down various paths, including working with pyrotechnics. He was doing The Wizard of OZ (a version he wrote!) and needed various puffs of smoke and explosions (flash pots). I assembled a crude system that would use steel wool as igniters. This was workable, but it was a pain to clean the flash pots. Over the next few years, Bill would contact me at various times for help with special effects for his plays.

The Wizard of Oz (1992)

Peter Pan (1993)

Cinderella (1994)

Snow White (1995)

Pinocchio (1996)

Babes in Toyland (1997)

Heidi (1998)

Narnia (The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe) (1999)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2000)

Peter Pan (2001)

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (2002)

The Sound of Music (2003)

Once Upon a Mattress (2004)

Honk (2005)

Honk (return engagement!) (2006)

The Wizard of Oz (2007)

Annie (2008)

Beauty and The Beast (2009)

The Music Man (2010)

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (2011)