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At the young age of nine, I was introduced to a performance of a local magician at our church - I was hooked. Over the next few years, I read every book I could find at the library, and began to hone my skills. I joined a local club (The Reynoldsburg Young Magicians Association) under the This will lead you to my Magic & Magicians pagedirection of a local magician, Steve Holloway. Years later, I ended up owning some of his equipment and still have some of it today. At age 16 I began performing at various places professionally. I joined a group called The Magic Hobby Club and had the chance to meet many of my mentors, including my good friend George Kirkendall (That's George in the picture). George passed on a number of years ago and is greatly missed by all who knew him. Part of my site is dedicated to George. While I perform now sporadically (as I have a full-time job), I still love each and every performance. I had the good fortune of meeting many of the greats including Doug Henning, Harry Blackstone Jr., and Mark Wilson over the years. I even had the chance to meet a very young Phil Goldstein (Now known as Max Maven to recent television audiences)...