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Geocaching - High-Tech Hide & Seek

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt using a low cost GPS receiver and 10 billion dollars worth of satellite technology (for free!). The average family can invest as little as a hundrede dollars for a mid range GPS that will work just fine (maybe even less for a used one!).

Participants hide containers with a log book & various low-cost trinkets. Once hidden, the location is determined with a GPS (Global Positioning System) and logged into a website. Typical information includes the GPS coordinates, general information about the cache, and even hints to find it (if needed). To participate, all you need is a GPS (even a low cost one will work fine). There are well over a million cache's waiting to be found - many are probably near your home.

Participants searching for a cache can log into Geocaching.com to locate caches in their area. Choordinate information from the site can be transferred directly to most GPS units. After getting the choordinates, your search begins. When you find the cache, it is encorgaed to sign the log book and if you would like, take a trinket with you (it is also encouraged to leave something if possible).

The containers can be anything from a coffee can, ammo box, or even an old film container. Some caches can be as large as a giant bucket to as samll as a test tube. Many of the really small ones contain only a log book. The containers are painted or covered with "cammo tape" to be easier to hide. My first cache was hidden on June 7th, 2010. I used a surplus "ammo can" for my container. I painted using 4 different colors of paint to give it that cammo look - to see for more details on how it all comes together, check out my Geocache Preparation page. For more information about geocaching - check out Geocaching.com!