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To go along with my love of the old canals, I have added water features to my back yard. I decided to add a small pond to my back yard when I purchased a liner at a garage sale for $10. At first I thought it was going to be just a simple pond. Since then, my water feature has enlarged to contain various fountains as well as a waterfall. This section of my site will detail some of the work that went into building the pond and other water features.

Adding fountains and ponds to your yard doesn't happen overnight. The section of my yard that I set aside for a pond sat quite dormant during the planning stage - for at least a year! The back half of my yard sits in a drainage area, and is on a hill. I first built a retaining wall, added pipe for the drain water to flow underneath, then filled in the area with gravel (for drainage). After that, I brought in 9 yards of dirt to fill in the area. Only after all of this was done could I add my pond & other features.

I have now added two additional fountains to my area - they are what I call an impossible fountain because the design gives the appearence of no apparent water source.

Follow the link below to instructions on how I built a simple deck fountain.

Easy Build Fountain