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I became an ambassador for Coffee Cup Software before my page was even on the web. I help promote Coffee Cup Software and attempt to help people to make their web pages better. My page is still growing, and I am still learning myself....

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Electronics & Computers

I had a very early interest in electronics, and all things electrical in nature. I remember entering a science fair where I demonstrated an operational mechanical phone exchange. I continued to build various projects, and learned a lot from Radio Electronics.This will lead you to my Electronics page When I worked with a local rock band, I built a portable lighting system for use on the road. I also built a flash pot controller for use in the theater. I helped the local Jaycees in constructing their haunted house with electronic effects. After high school I continued my education at DeVry in Columbus. The first computer I used was an Apple IIe while I attended DeVry. I worked as the newsletter editor and used a word processor for typing articles. Around the same time, I picked up a Commodore 64 for about $400. Even with only 64K of memory, it was amazing what you could do with that little machine (I learned basic and machine language on it!). I had other Commodore machines, and even ran a repair business. Over the next few years, I moved up to an Amiga, and later picked up my first PC.