First a little history...

My introduction to cooking came when I was very young from my mom. Growing up, mom was always there cooking something - I learned a Making a cheesecake with the KitchenAid mixerlot from helping her in the kitchen, and later when she took a job at Executive Caters - I joined on as well. While I worked as a dishwasher, I had the chance to work in the kitchen at various points along the way.

Over the years, I continued to cook everything from pulled pork to pizza on the grill. I have modified various recipes and came up with some on my own. When camping, I learned to use the dutch oven for cooking everything from main dishes to cakes and pies. While working with the scouts, I had the chance to cook a meal for 375 people - this was a great challenge, as I had to work in an unfamiliar kitchen. At that same event, I also assembled all the meals for our troop. On our scouting canoe trip, I put together a menu and meals that could pack light and only need water for preparation. I've even cooked quite a few deep fried turkeys (and chicken wings). Watch for tips, tricks, and recipes in this section of my site...

Review: Eastman Cooker

While visiting a local Festival, I ran into a woman runningWok cooking like the pros! a food booth. Out behind the booth, she had a propane burner she was using as a deep fryer. The pot she was using was a 22" wok. I did a little research, and found out she was using an Eastman 22-Inch Carbon-Steel Wok Kit with Burner. I liked it so much, I bought one myself.

This unit features a burner with a whopping 65,000 btu's - this allows you to stir fry food like the pros do. This is designed to be used outdoors, so I use it on my Wok cooking like the pros!deck, in the garage, and even camping (this will boil a huge pot of water in no time). At home, I have even used it to cook corn on the cob and for stir frying (obviously!). I have used the 22" wok as a small deep fryer for fries and such - but it is not intended to be used as a turkey fryer...the burner burns way to hot for that. I even used it to brown Wok cooking like the pros!a large amount of ground beef (8 pounds) all at once. On the top of the unit (above the burner) is a removable grid that switches between a curved top (wok use - see photo above) or a flat top (pan use - see photo at left) this makes the unit more versatile. I found that the wok is a bit tough to clean in your kitchen sink, as it is quite large - a smaller 16" or 18" wok might be easier.

The unit also has two height settings. This allows you to use the unit fully extended for use with your wok or shorter for use with taller pans. The legs are angled way out to avoid being able to knock it over - this is what seperates this unit from the average "turkey fryer". The gas connector hooks easily to your existing grill propane tank. The package also comes with a large spoon and spatula. Way cool!

Dutch Oven Cooking

This section of my site is dedicated to that classic kitchen pot. Used by scout troops everywhere to make dump cake, this pot has more uses than you might expect. They come in all sizes and shapes, and some even come in designer colors. Click on the above link to check them out.


Clicking on the above link will take you to my recipe page. These recipes come from various places. Some I have developed on my own, others are from my family. I've even found a few of my favorites on a box of cake mix!

Tips & Tricks

I am using this section to cover various tips, ideas, etc.