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I became an ambassador for Coffee Cup Software before my page was even on the web. I help promote Coffee Cup Software and attempt to help people to make their web pages better. My page is still growing, and I am still learning myself....

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My camping experience began when I was young with my family, later as a boy scout, and then full circle as the father of a boy scout. We used to camp almost every vacation, early on using tents, and later using an Apache trailer that my dad had bought. We traveled out to Algonquin Park in Canada on various trips. Bears were seen quite often, and even a moose now and then. After This will lead you to my camping pagemy son joined the Boy Scouts, we started camping at various places. A 60 mile canoe trip into the wilderness up in Canada (Algonquin Park) was a high point. We went to a canoe livery on the edge of the park and canoed in through various lakes and portages. We camped on islands (in order to avoid the bears) and carried enough gear and food for a week. We carried lightweight stoves and liquid fuel for cooking and cleaning. Our food was dehydrated for the most part, with water being the only item needed for preparation. Water needed for cooking and cleaning came from the many lakes we were canoeing in. We carried a really cool pump/filter unit that allowed you to purify water by simply running it through a filter. This turned into a great trip - even with the thunderstorm....