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Check out my easy rust removal system located in my Woodworking page. This system is easy to make and use. I'm working on a kit to make it even easier. Check out the link above.

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SPECIAL NOTE: If you reached this site while trying to reach the Boy Scout Troop 277 Mulch Site, please enjoy the site, then click here to go to the BOY SCOUT MULCH SITE

Welcome to Lockwatcher's Lair! I created this site to showcase various things, mostly about stuff I enjoy. Hopefully, you will find something that interests you as well. The name "Lockwatcher's Lair" was chosen as a dedication to Ohio's canal system. My site is still under construction, and I am adding new material everyday. Feel free to check out my site and if you wish, leave me feedback.

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This is the same software I use to create my website - check out there software here...

Ohio Canals

The Canal section of my site will include some of the history of the Ohio canals, some casual observances, & picture galleries covering much of the state...


Update 2/22/2010 - I was just looking over my Theater section - boy do I have a lot of work to do...be watching here for updates. As this is a hand-coded website, it will take me a little longer.

My Theater section covers the last 18 years working backstage on sets, prop building, & creating special effects. I plan to showcase (with pictures) many of the props that I have built. Many are available for rent!


Camping out with the family is a great way to save money, but also a great way to wind down from a long week at work.


From recipes to simple tips, this is the cooking section of my site.

Magic & Magicians

My fascination with magic started way back when I was nine and it continues today.


My woodworking skills, acquired when I was much younger, has allowed me to build things for my magic craft, the theater, & even some furniture now and then. This section of my site includes a cool look at electrostatic rust removal with instructions for building your own unit.

Electronics & Computers

I played with electronics as early as ten, and made a career out of it after attending DeVry.


Nothing beats a great science fiction show to take your mind off of the more hectic times. As far as I am concerned, Stargate is hard to beat! Sure, I like Star Trek...but give Stargate a try...